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Support On The Go: Helpful Mental Health Apps

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Mental health apps that can help you regulate, manage, and track no matter where you are

Photo of phone with designs and heart app opened

Ok, yes - we have all seen these posts over and over again, recommending various apps to help manage your mental health. And while this is exactly that, hopeful, at the very least, this list has a few apps you haven't seen before. And while these apps aren't meant to be a replacement for therapy, they can be useful tools to help supplement and boost the work done in session.

The lull app icon which is made for iphones and android to help manage anxiety and panic with breathing

Lull - A Belly Breathing Coach

Lull is a simple tool that aims to help you regulate your breathing by using sounds, simple commands, and your phone to illustrate the depth of your breath.

When is this useful? This is a perfect tool to help regulate yourself when you are feeling anxious, dysregulated, and/or when you just need to relax. The simplicity of the app is a strength because it reduces non essential stimuli when you are feeling stressed. Trying this out by doing a test run before you are feeling anxious will make it much easier to use during those harder times.

Icon for the bearable app that tracks mood and symptoms

Bearable - A symptom and Mood Tracker

Did I pick this app because of the icon? Kind of. But beyond that, the app is a nice visual way to track things like mood, sleep, energy, habits, and overall health. The goal is to take this information and use it with your providers, as a way to determine what behaviors help you feel better and what makes things worse. This app is appropriate for both mental health and medical diagnoses.

Icon for the Woebot iphone and android app that helps manage mental health symptoms

WoeBot - AI Chat Support

WoeBot is an AI tool that, per the developers, "gets to know you through quick conversations and check-ins, and suggests clinically-tested tools and tactics to try". This is a very cool resource for those who are needing support and skill suggestions, at all hours of the day. I have not personally downloaded this but the reviews are all very positive (and the website is very nicely designed). Currently this app is for adults but they are currently working on treatment versions for teens and new mothers.

Virtual Hope Box - Curated Coping Skills

Virtual Hope Box is an app that is designed to be created in therapy and then used out on the go. Is this the most visually stunning app? No. But it seems to get the job done when you need to use your coping skills. It has various methods for relaxation, distraction, and positive thinking, all of which can be tailored to the individual. It also allows users to upload their own media, including photos, videos, and audio which is really cool.

Happyfeed - Visual Gratitude Journaling

Happyfeed is a visual gratitude journaling app. It asks users to share one to three positive things about their day and includes custom timed reminders, in case you forget. The journal can be done privately or you can join a group of fellow gratitude journalers.

Nothing on this blog should be taken as replacement for medical, clinical, or professional advice or intervention. All content is for educational purposes only.


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