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Individual Therapy 

Individual therapy is a way to better understand yourself, your emotions, experiences, and relationships. It can be helpful in reducing distress related to specific symptoms or experiences, improving ways you manage conflict, and improving your coping strategies.

The initial appointment cost is $100, all subsequent sessions are $85/per session  

Family Therapy

Family therapy is used to help families increase their understanding of each other, process conflict, and improve the way the unit engages. It provides families the space to identify unhelpful patterns of communication or behavior and ways to change them.

The cost for family therapy is $100/per session  

Family Support and Education 

The goal of this is to help families of individuals with mental illness obtain the information they need to better engage, interact, and understand their loved one. It provides a space for families to express their feelings and to process their experiences. Families are also provided with skills and additional supportive resources. This is ideal for families of loved ones with schizophrenia spectrum disorders, schizoaffective disorder, bipolar I disorder, and delusional disorder. 

The cost for family support and education is $100/per session  

Clinical Supervision/Consultation 

I provide supervision for LCSW candidates individually or with groups. I also offer consultations for licensed professionals that might benefit from my experience in psychotic disorders and family members of individuals with severe mental illness. 


The cost for supervision and consultation is $50/per hour


Want To Work Together?

Therapy is a little bit like dating, without a good fit, it isn't really going to work. I offer free 15 minute consultations, you can schedule yours here 

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