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I'm a therapist practicing in the state of Tennessee.


My goal for therapy is to make you feel heard,

feel empowered,

feel less weird,

feel more informed,

feel more independent,

feel less terrible,

but really I want you to just feel more like yourself. And I want to help you feel not so alone in the process.  

I primarily work with individuals and families and have two main areas of focus. One of which are young adults, specifically those who have experienced psychosis, and their families. I also provide therapy to young adults with mood disorders (depression, bipolar, & schizoaffective disorder), relationship problems, and trauma.

My other area of focus is with children, adolescents, and teenagers with mood disorders, relationship problems/social conflicts, and difficulties coping.


Hi, I'm Taylor

Prior to starting private practice, I held a faculty appointment within Vanderbilt’s Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences, where I acted as the Program Manager and a therapist for the clinic's first episode psychosis team. During this time, I was also a research coordinator and therapist on two clinical trials. Over my six years at Vanderbilt, I also worked within the inpatient psychiatric unit, admissions, and partial hospitalization programs. 

Both beyond and before my work at Vanderbilt, I have been a therapist for children, adolescents, and teens with depression, anger problems, anxiety, family conflict, attachment disorders, and autism spectrum disorders. 

I completed my graduate training in 2016 from the University of Tennessee and I am licensed to practice within the state of Tennessee. 

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