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Free Continuing Education for Mental Health Providers

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

This one is for my clinicians out there, here is a list of free continuing education resources for mental health clinicians.

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Here are a few resources I've found online listing free CE/CME/CEU credits for mental health professionals. As always, it is best to make sure these apply to your specific license and state before assuming they count.

  • Clearly Clinical offers free CEs for a few of their podcast interviews, which makes it very easy to listen and earn while you are on the go. Register on their website, so that once you've listened to the episode, you can take the corresponding quiz and evaluation. They even have a really easy way to check if your state/professional board have approved the CE credit.

  • SMI Advisor is a website funded by SAMHSA and the APA that focuses on resources, information, and support for/on serious mental illnesses. They hosts a ton of webinars, both live and prerecorded, that offer continuing education credits to social workers, psychologists, physicians, and nurses.

  • CE4less is a website that offers both free and paid CEs for mental health professionals. One of the best things about this site is that the free CEs are ethic's hours, helping a lot of us meet our licensure's requirement.

  • AATBS, a licensure study resource, that provides a few free CEs for psychologists, BCBAs, counselors, MFTs, and social workers.

I will do my best to continue updating as I discover more of these resources online! Please share any resources you might know about in the comments!


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