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Therapy Sessions

You Deserve Some Attention

And Getting Support

Is Easier Than You Thought 

Telehealth Services Offered 

Psychosis ​ ​

Depression ​ ​

Relationship Problems

Life Transitions ​

Trauma ​

Recent Hospitalization ​

Attention Difficulties 

Communication Problems

Life Transitions ​

Conflict Between Parents and Children

Boundary Work

Education on Psychosis and Other Similar Diagnoses 

Improved Communication with Family Members 

Understanding and Creating Boundaries

Areas of Focus 

I primarily work with young adults with psychosis (brief psychotic disorder, schizophrenia spectrum disorders, and delusional disorders), mood disorders (bipolar, depression, schizoaffective disorder), and families of individuals with serious mental illness. 

My second area of focus is the treatment of adolescents and teenagers with mood disorders, relationship problems, and difficulties coping. I often work with this population individually and include family when indicated or necessary. 

About me

I'm Taylor Gautier and  I'm a therapist (LCSW) practicing in the state of Tennessee. 

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